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Term & Conditions

UltimaCapital Fx fills to the gap between retail and institutional traders, making the world more tradable for everyone.

Our Management team has over 10+ years of industry experience, we are focused on putting clients first. We have the experience to prove it.

Trader must follow the trading terms as given below:

  • Bonus hedging is not allowed.
  • Trader won’t plan, carry out, or place an Open Position, Order, or other transaction that violates any legal or regulatory requirements pertaining to Market Abuse. The applicable Conditions of Business contain additional guidelines concerning how we will act if we suspect market abuse on your part.z
  • The trades should be open for more than 183 seconds.
  • Trader will not arrange or execute or place an Open Position, or Order that contravenes any law or regulatory rules in relation to Market Abuse.
  • Trader will not be able to open separate and matching Positions of the same Transaction type on Advantage MT5 and Advantage Plus MT5 where full and partial hedging is unavailable. If you attempt to do that, you will end up with either a zero or a net Long/Short Position based on net overall exposure at the weighted average price.
  • We have the tool to track and identify abusive transactions made on platform as well as to the payment gateways. The company does not allow different types of trading such as Bonus Hedging, Abusive scalping, arbitrage and other such trading which are not in the right manner. All the tracked reports will be documented and strict actions will be taken against the clients. In case of abusive trading, We have the rights to suspend the account immediately and no refunds shall be granted to the customer.